Custom LED neon, Personalized, Fully Customized, LED, Neon, Graduation Gift, Create Your Own Sign!

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We ask that before placing an order, MESSAGE US. Let's get your order 100% right and correct so YOU can get exactly the sign you WANT and LOVE!!! What are LED neon signs made of? LED neon (faux-neon) signs use neither glass nor neon gas. Instead, they are made from acrylic. A lightweight, shatter-resistant and effective at transmitting light. LED neon lights feature a cluster of LEDs mounted on a strip. The LEDs are made with different kinds of materials and encased in a clear jacket so their light can shine bright. They don't need much power to operate and can be easily dimmed if required. The LED neon signs we offer is sure to change the vibe to any room you put it in! Our signs have been featured in nightclubs, restaurants, businesses, and households all over the country. We are so excited to offer some of the most vibrant, amazing LED signage at a fraction of the neon price with much more reliability! *Note: this price is for a rectangle cut acrylic backer, if you would like it cut to shape bubbled around the letters, there will be an additional charge. we are happy to work with you on any custom order you need. Floridian Signs & Plastics is always here for custom orders & we are eager to make your sign become a reality.